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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

In keeping with our Catholic school aims of educating the whole child, our Pastoral Care and Discipline policies are based on the desire to develop a sense of Christian self-responsibility and community in the children.

Positive self-worth is perhaps the single most important factor in enabling a child to achieve his/her potential. Self-esteem activities are carried out by individual classroom teachers at appropriate levels.

An  important component of St. Anne’s Patoral Care Programme is the ‘buddy system’, whereby junior grades are teamed with senior grades to foster emphatic relationships and extend the support network for younger  students. The older children in our school take care of our younger members and develop a friendly, nurturing relationship with them.

The underlying philosophy of the Discipline Policy programme is to acknowledge and re-inforce the positive behaviours of the students, whenever possible.


Staff and students at St. Anne’s continually assess and develop behaviour management policies. As the school has developed and grown in size, we have continued to search for better ways to ensure a safe, secure and happy environment which best enables each child to live, learn and flourish.

We value the dignity of each individual as a child of God and we seek to reflect this in our behaviour management which is based on Christ-like values and responsibilities of children, parents and teachers.

We take the stance that no child’s behaviour be allowed to interfere with a teacher’s right to teach or a child’s right to learn. In particular, we believe that students who are making good choices, should be praised and affirmed for their pro-social behaviour and that the students who break rules and display antisocial behaviour should experience ‘natural justice’ as a consequence of their actions. We also believe that the support of parents is important in effective behaviour management and that teachers should provide a positive, caring and consistent environment within their classroom.

In each classroom the teacher establishes classroom behaviour guidelines with the students and the progressive stages in positive and negative consequences are clearly posted in the classroom.

Positive Consequences

Broadly, these are:

  • Verbal affirmations of pro-social behaviours
  • Student of the week
  • Awards and prizes

Negative Consequences

Broadly, these are:

  • Verbal warning (quietly to the student)
  • Sequence of escalation consequences to redirect attention and behaviour to more appropriate channels
  • Parents are alerted to repeated misdemeanors


The specific details are in the Schools Behaviour Management Plan. A copy is available to parents from the school office.

School Rules

  • Respect God
  • Respect yourself
  • Respect others e.g. no fighting, bullying or rough play
  • Respect property
  • Act safely e.g. always walk on walkways and hard surfaces

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