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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

In Year 5 students are given the opportunity to explore and create in an environment that empowers them to develop their individual gifts and talents.  Students are encouraged to develop independence and self-confidence in an environment where each student’s self-worth is fostered and respected, and a sense of responsibility to and empathy for others is developed.  We aim to create a learning environment where everyone feels safe and secure, where opinions and ideas are encouraged and valued.

Term 1

What a busy start to the year.  Not only have we completed swimming lessons and NAPLAN Assessments, we have been:

– Listening to each other to find out what we did on the holidays.

– Finding out about special days that occur during Lent and Holy Week.

– Exploring The Stations of the Cross, which is one way to celebrate Jesus and recall his suffering, death and raising from the dead.

– Learning the different types of consequences that can come from making decisions.

– Measuring different types of angles, as well and the perimeter and area of 2D shapes.

– Reading in the library with our friends from Year 1.

– Using healthy food guidelines to plan a menu that included foods from the five food groups.

– Learning about how a digital system has internal and external components that perform different functions.

– Exploring the processes involved in food production from paddock to plate.

– Designing and creating windmills.

Term 2

Term 2 was really exciting.  We had lots of opportunities to compete against our friends and other schools in the area.  We played footy, soccer, tee-ball & hockey in the winter carnivals also had a cross country carnival and gymnastics.

For Mother’s Day we decorated some pots and then potted some plants!

In Science we investigated animal adaptations, how they have adapted to survive in different conditions.

And in Religion we learned about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit while completing our Confirmation unit of work.

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