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Physical Education

Physical Education

Within Physical Education at St Anne’s the students engage in a variety of physical activities to develop skills such as throwing, catching, kicking and running. They take part in a number of carnivals to consolidate their skills. These include Swimming Carnival, Cross Country, Aussie Sports, Peter Sell Cup, Athletics Carnival and Interschool Athletics Carnival.

Term 1

During Term One we have focussed on:

Developing the fundamental movement skills of kicking, catching bouncing, overarm throw and underarm throw. We have been consolidating these skills through sport activities and minor games such as T-ball, hockey and soccer.

Term 2

During Term Two:

The Lower Primary classes have started to practise team game during Whole School Sport in preparation for the athletics carnival next term. The Upper Primary classes have taken part in modified games of T-Ball, soccer and hockey during Whole School Sport and the Year Five and Six classes have competed in these sports, along with football, during the Winter Carnival days. All classes have also been building stamina by running laps of the oval in preparation for the Cross Country Carnival.

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