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Kindergarten at St Anne’s

At St Anne’s Kindergarten we aim to provide high quality Early Childhood learning and teaching reflecting the principles of the National Quality Framework (NQF) tailored to our community of Harvey and surrounds.  We use the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), the Western Australian Kindergarten Curriculum and research backed educational programs to formulate an early childhood program that is aligned to our whole school plans and initiatives and tailored to our community context.

Kindergarten is a time of tremendous social, emotional, physical and intellectual development and the learning activities are tailored to the individual child.

At St Anne’s Kindergarten we aim to help our students to grow and develop in all these areas by providing an orchestrated balance of play, deliberate and intentional teaching and spontaneous experiences and interactions.  Learning experiences in Kindy are active, engaging, challenging and connected to the children’s lives.

The learning environment is designed to be child centered, specifically catering for individual needs.  We want every child to feel safe, loved and valued.  We carry out the ‘Spirit of Jesus’ at St Anne’s ensuring children experience the love of God in every day interactions.  We desire to help your child feel safe enough to take risks in their own learning, develop knowledge and skills through problem solving, encouraging a willingness to ‘have a go’ and building a positive identity. All this allows for the children to flourish into the unique talented individuals that God intended them to be.

Term 1

The Kindy students have made fantastic progress in settling into a school environment.  They have been learning how to interact positively with peers and enjoy the learning experiences they encounter in the Kindy environment.  They are learning through asking questions, take turns, sharing, observing others, trying new things and working things out for themselves.

Each child has had the opportunity to tell the class about things they like in their spotlight time, verbalise grammatically correct sentences, develop the skill of identifying sounds in a word through syllabification, retell stories, rhymes and songs, all of which are developing their English Language skills.  Through intentional teaching activities and play they have learned to distinguish objects visibly by identifying colours, shapes and patterns directly developing their literacy and numeracy skills.  Whole body movement has been enjoyed along with arm and finger movement in order to develop their gross and fine motor skills.  All of these things will be consolidated and built on going forward.

The students are happy to be at school, feel safe with each other and are loved by their Kindy friends.  Each student is so blessed with their own unique talents and all have made a great start to the year.

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