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General Information

General Information


Kindy sessions will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8.40am – 2.50pm.

All children are expected to be on the premises ten minutes prior to the first bell at 8.30am. Children who arrive late can disrupt lessons that are in progress. Staff are not responsible for children before 8.15am nor after 3.20pm.

School Hours

First Bell8:30 am
Recess10:40 am – 11:00 am
Lunch1:00 pm – 1:40 pm
Home Bell2:50 pm

Students in years 1-3 may, at the teacher’s discretion, have a short afternoon break.

Children’s Attendance

During the hours of school children are the legal responsibility of the school. Parents wishing to take their child out of school during school hours, should notify the Principal before doing so.

Children are not permitted to leave the grounds without written permission. Students should inform the Principal when leaving the premises.

Parents are expected to notify the school in writing when a child is absent and a doctor’s certificate is required for absences of three or more days.

Parents are expected to take annual leave at times that do not interrupt schooling.

Picking Up Of Children

Year 1 – 6 children can be picked up in Young Street or outside the Church in Hester Street.

Kindy and pre-primary children must only be picked up from the Cooper Street entrance to the school.

Cars should not be driven on school property and parents are urged to comply with this regulation.

Parent Involvement

Parental help in all classes is always welcome. Parents are invited to participate in class, attend school masses assemblies, assist with excursions and outings and generally become involved with school activities. Areas where help is appreciated include Kindy, Pre-Primary, sport, class excursions, canteen, Literacy Centres and general class help. Confidentiality is appreciated in participation of all activities.

The partnership of parents and teachers is vital to the achievement of St. Anne’s aims. The primary role of the Catholic School is to support parents in the formation of their children’s faith.

Parents are involved in the following ways at St. Anne’s:

  • As community members – they elect and work on the Advisory Council; they are also the basis of the Parents and Friends Association – which builds up our sense of community and provides so many resources
  • Their voice is heard in policy formation – through surveys and when invited to be on committees, or through general feedback, which is always welcomed
  • Through their communication with their child’s teacher, home and school can complement each other in encouraging development of the whole school
  • Our discipline programme is based on parent support, assumes parental support and requires this to be effective
  • They can play a valuable role in the classroom in extending the children’s experiences and providing access to adult assistance. The active, developmental style of learning we attempt to provide needs this parental support in areas including; participation in the Early Childhood Centre, English and Maths, Art and Craft, Physical Education, library, canteen, excursions, camps and more.

We appreciate the activites that active parental participation permits the children, and know that it is a rewarding eperience for parents also.

Children benefit greatly from the involvement of parents in classroom activities.

Bus Travel

Students travelling by bus are expected to be seated and obey the bus driver’s instructions. The bus driver can refuse to transport students who misbehave on the bus or who are waiting for the bus. Information regarding buses, times and routes is available at the office.


On the recommendation of safety authorities we have a policy that all bike riders must wear safety helmets. Bikes will not be ridden in the school grounds. Bikes should be kept in the bike rack and helmets secured to bikes or kept in the classrooms.


School fees should be paid at the office. All other monies (unless specifically directed) should be paid by the child to his/her teacher first thing in the morning. All monies should be in an envelope, the correct amount and clearly labelled with student’s name, grade and the purpose for which it is intended.

Emergency Procedures

The school has an evacuation plan in case of emergencies and has practice drills regularly.

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