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Veritas - the ever lasting search for truth - Integrity, dignity and respect of ourselves and towards others


Young Street
Harvey, WA 6220
Western Australia
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Young Street, Harvey, WA 6220 | (08) 9782 3300



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In Year 3 we focus on developing independence and responsibility as we transition from an early childhood environment to a middle childhood environment. Students are given opportunities to work independently as well as collaboratively to develop their social skills through activities that require interaction and cooperation with others. Empathy and respect are fostered so children can develop positive relationships and learn to manage challenging situations. We aim to create a welcoming and positive learning environment that is respectful and inclusive of all children, so that each of them can strive to achieve their potential in all aspects of their development.

Our school welcomes all families and strongly encourages your full, active participation in your child’s education.

– Darrin Croft, Principal

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