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What’s happening in Year One…

This term we have been learning about Christmas in other Cultures around the world. So far we have learnt about India, Italy, Mexico and the Philippines.

India celebrates the festival of lights called Diwali. Diwali celebrate the conquering of light of darkness. People light candles and set of fireworks during this time.  Mrs Visser lent us her Sari and Miss C dressed Larissa up in the Sari and a dhoti.

Buon Natale! In Italy it snows at Christmas time. The children are visited by Father Christmas and La Befana who bring treats to the children on the epiphany ( January 6th). We read the book Jingle the Christmas Clown and made Stelline Dóro biscuits to celebrate Christmas and the stars the angel placed on Jingles heart.

Feliz Navidad! In Mexico children celebrate posadas. Posadas is a re-enactment of Joseph and Mary looking for a place to stay. Each night a different house hosts a posadas party and the children celebrate with a pinata full of candy. We read The Legend of the Poinsettia. We made poinsettia flowers like the ones Lucida carried into the church at the end of the story. Elsey even brought a real life poinsettia in to show the class.

Maligayang Pasko! In the Philippines people attend dawn mass for nine days in the lead up to Christmas know as Misa de Gallo. The most popular Christmas decoration in the Philippines is a Parol, which is a bamboo pole or frame with a star lantern on it. It represents the star that guided the three wise men. 


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