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Technology in the Past and Present

In Year One we have been learning about technology in the past and present. We have investigated how computers work and learnt about input and output systems and computer code. Computer code is the language the computer speaks which is lots of ones and zeros.

We studied technology in the past and discussed how it has changed today and what we think it will look like in the future. Computers in the past were the size of a huge room and you could not play games on them or look at funny videos. In the future, many of us thought that computers would be built into our glasses or even into our brains.

Miss C set us a challenge to design our own computers using recycled materials. We followed a design process to create our computers. First, we brainstormed the different parts of a computer and then we designed and labelled our computers. We then reviewed our design and created a list of materials we would need to create our computers. Once we finished we began the super fun but super messy build stage. This took us three weeks to complete. Once we finished our build we reviewed our design and made adjustments to help our computers stand up and added special features. We then invited the Year 5 class and Miss Cox down to view our computer designs. We loved showing and explaining our creations to them.


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