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Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to describe minimum standards of conduct in all behaviour and decision making to ensure the safety and well-being of students. 
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Student Code of Conduct

Saint Anne’s Primary School has high expectations of all its students. These high expectations have resulted in high outcomes, as well as excellent behaviour from the students. To continue our high performance, it is expected all children at St Anne’s will understand and follow the School’s Code of Conduct. The following is a summary of our behaviour code.
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Birthday and Celebration
St Anne’s Primary School believes it is important to acknowledge and celebrate special milestones particularly when children do not have family members in Harvey with whom to celebrate and the school is their community. Many families like to make a cake to bring to school on the day or invite children from the class to an outside party or get together. This policy provides clarity and consistency and promotes safety and inclusion for all members of our community when celebrating birthdays and other special occasions.
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Behaviour Management Plan
INTRODUCTION: St Anne’s has adopted the Protective Behaviours philosophy, and believes we all have the right to feel safe all of the time and that nothing is so awful we can’t talk about it with someone.
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Dealing with Bullying, Harassment, Aggression and Violence (Students)
Catholic schools have a responsibility to provide an educational environment that promotes the dignity and respect of the person and, therefore, aims to encourage the development of positive relationships between students to reduce all forms of bullying, harassment, aggression and violence. The policies and practices that a school employs should enhance the dignity of the human person and reflect the Principles of Pastoral Care as espoused in the Pastoral Care Framework (2007).
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Dispute and Complaint Resolution
Catholic schools can serve as models for all within Western Australia who seek to create genuine communities. Such communities are always founded upon shared commitment to the common good (Mandate, 6).
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Crisis Management
Catholic schools have a responsibility to provide a safe and supportive environment for staff, students and members of the community. Every aspect of the school’s life should reflect a Christian pastoral dimension. The pastoral dimension of a Catholic school needs to include the mutual care and support staff demonstrate both towards each other and for their students. (Mandate, paras 1 and 3).
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Catholic schools exist to further the mission of the Church. In Western Australia, the Mandate of the Bishops requires the Catholic Education Commission to Western Australia to make Catholic school education available to all Catholic children, as far as resources allow. (Mandate page 50).
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Head Lice
St Anne’s has developed the following head lice policy. The aim of this Policy is to ensure a consistent, coordinated and cooperative approach to managing head lice in the school community.
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Healthy Eating and Nutrition
A healthy lifestyle is vital to good health at all stages of life but especially in childhood. It is during childhood, particularly in the primary school years, that children develop lifestyle habits that can last a lifetime. It is also at this stage that major growth and development occurs, to which nutrition and a well-balanced diet is fundamental.
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Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world where currently two out of three Australians develop some form of skin cancer in their lifetime. Exposure to the sun’s ultra violet radiation during childhood and adolescence is a major cause of skin cancer in later life. Skin cancer is preventable. Awareness programs incorporated in the school’s curriculum and behaviour practices means life-long reduced risk for the children and the staff.
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Aboriginal Education
Aboriginal people are the original inhabitants of Australia. Catholic education embraces the richness and diversity which exists within the Aboriginal nations of Australia. Catholic education is committed to maximising the learning opportunities for Aboriginal people. Catholic school communities have a responsibility to create an understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal people, their histories, cultures and spirituality. Catholic schools will play an important role in the formation of their students to develop as active and contributing members of Australian society. ‘Catholic schools can serve as models for all within Western Australia who seek to create genuine communities. Such communities are always founded upon shared commitment to the common good’ (Mandate paragraph 6).¹
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School Camp
At St Anne’s Primary School, excursions and camps play a major role in enhancing authentic lifelong learning programmes organised by the school. They are an integral part of our education programme. They provide opportunities for both the educational and faith development of our students and reflect Catholic principles and values.
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School Excursions
The purpose of an excursion is to enhance the educational programme offered by the school.  School excursions are opportunities for students to experience learning outside of their normal school environment.
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Selection and Use of Texts in A Catholic School
Children need to function in a rich literacy environment. Exposure to a wide variety of literature and informational texts, will help the child to develop to his/her potential. Resources are provided to meet the curriculum needs of students and staff, the personal and recreational needs of students and the professional needs of staff. The selection of texts is a rigorous and careful process.
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Attendance and Absentees
Correct recording of student attendance is a legal requirement for teachers in schools in Western Australia.
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School Fees: Setting and Collection
The Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA) has a responsibility to make a Catholic education available to all  Catholic students whose parents seek a Catholic education for them, while embodying the Church’s preferential option for the poor and  disadvantaged (Mandate, p 50), insofar as this is possible.
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Occupation Health and Safety
Catholic schools can serve as models for all within Western Australia to create genuine communities. Such communities are always founded upon shared commitment to the common good (Mandate, para 6). Pursuant to the Occupational Safety and Health Act (WA) 1984 (the OSH Act) and in accordance with the mandate for Catholic Education, the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA) is committed to ensuring the safety and health of all people whilst on school premises.
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Pastoral Care
At St. Anne’s School, Pastoral Care is the concern that the total school community has for the development of the human person to his/her fullest potential; spiritually, socially, intellectually, emotionally, morally, physically and aesthetically. It is the climate of total care which exists in the school.
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Wet Weather
The Wet Weather policy is provided to ensure a high level of duty of care for all students during periods of inclement weather. Consideration is also given to the need for staff to obtain a break period on wet days.
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'Catholic schools exist schools exist to further the mission of the Church.'

– St Anne’s Enrolment Policy

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