St Anne’s School, Harvey

Veritas – the ever lasting search for truth – Integrity, dignity and respect of ourselves and towards others

Young Street
Harvey, WA 6220
Western Australia
(08) 9729 1287

Young Street, Harvey, WA 6220 | (08) 9729 1287

Nurturing and developing creative and responsible learners


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Kindergarten to Year 6

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St. Anne’s is a Catholic Primary School reflecting the teachings of Jesus. It builds upon the multicultural traditions of the local community. Within this environment, students are nurtured to develop individually as creative and responsible learners, with a love of truth, faith and knowledge.


The mission of our school is to provide for the total growth of the child and so offer a variety of experiences which endeavour to promote excellence in learning.  A holistic view of the person is central to our school philosophy. In addition to developing the children’s intellects and knowledge, as a school we seek to nurture the spiritual, emotional and physical development of all our students.

GOSPEL VALUES – Integrating Gospel values through nurturing each person’s faith in God so that they can become more like Jesus

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Week 4 – 23 May 2019

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  • Sunday, Jun 23
    First Holy Communion

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Korijekup – Spirit of Mary Day

The staff and students of Korijekup celebrated their Feast day today, reflecting on and paying respect to the life of Mother Mary. This included a prayer service, house activities and a shared lunch.
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House Shirts

Just a reminder to parents that green School Sports shirts are worn on Tuesdays for Physical Education lessons as well as Interschool events. The coloured House shirts are to be worn on ‘House’ days as well as Fridays for school sport days
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NAPLAN was completed by our Year Three and Five students last week and in comparison to other schools who completed the online version, we were relatively unaffected. When I say relatively, there were some connectivity issues in the writing assessment but these were able to be managed with Mr Godwin successfully ‘troubleshooting’ his way through the process, allowing our students to complete the assessment.
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Our school welcomes all families and strongly encourages your full, active participation in your child’s education.

– Darrin Croft, Principal

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