St. Anne's School, Harvey

Uniforms and Grooming

Students are expected to wear the complete school uniform and the co-operation of parents is requested in this regard.

School Uniform

Girls Boys
Tartan skirt Grey shorts - summer
White shirt White shirt
Navy school jumper Navy school jumper
Black school shoes Black school shoes
White school socks Grey school socks
Navy tights - winter Grey serge trousers - winter
Navy trousers (optional) - winter

Sports Uniform

Girls Boys
Navy track suit Navy track suit
Navy shorts Navy shorts
Green/faction sports shirt Green/faction sports shirt
White school socks white school socks
White sneakers White sneakers

Pre-primary Uniform

Sports uniform Green sports shirt, blue shorts, blue track suit pants
Winter Closed in shoes
Summer Sandals, open shoes are permissable

School Hat

Children are required to wear a school hat. It is mandatory for students to wear a school hat throughout the year. A 'No hat, No play' policy is adhered to at St. Anne's. The student will be asked to sit under cover during recess, lunch or sporting activities if they do not have a hat on.


Hair should always be neat and tidy and should not reflect the extremes of any current fashion. Long hair is to be kept tied back with white, green or navy ribbons. Other than a functional watch and sleeper earrings or studs in pierced ears, no jewellery is to be worn.

Uniform Shop

All uniforms, except the grey shorts, grey trousers white shirts and shoes, must be purchased through the school as they are manufactured especially for St. Anne's.

The uniform shop is located near the Art Room and opening hours are on a Monday at 3.00pm. Orders can also be placed and picked up from the office.