St. Anne's School, Harvey

Our School Comunity

St. Anne's Primary School's community extends beyond our school gates, relying on community partnerships which will enhance the learning experience for our children. Local businesses, our emergency services and town library all contribute to encourage learning, instil respect and appropriate behaviour as well as donate their time and services to enrich our student's experiences.

Within our school gates, we have the invaluable contributions of our Parish community, the school Board and the P & F. Coupled with the support and involvement of parents and family, St. Anne's students have a broader network of support, enriched learning experience and a sense of place within their community.

The School Board

The School Board is comprised of the school Principal, Parish Priest and elected members, the Parents and Friends Association representative and a representative of the Parish. Interested Parents can nominate themselves for membership by November of the current year, for involvement in the following year. Board meetings are held once a month and the Annual General Meeting is held in November.

The function of the School Board is to:

  • Plan for the present and future operation of the school
  • Disseminate information about the school and about Catholic education to persons and organisations in the school community
  • Liaise in all matters relating to the financial management of the School with persons and orgnisations in the local Catholic community
  • Manage all finances associated with the school
  • Advise the Principal with respect to school policy

Criteria for membership of the Board is:

  • Support of the Catholic traditions and keenness to promote Catholic schooling
  • A deep interest in the welfare of all students and staff and a willingness to work for the good of all
  • An ability to work cooperatively and constructively with all members of the School Board
  • An ability and desire to uphold confidentiality in Board matters
  • A sufficiency of time to devote to Board duties
  • Possession of special skills that will be an asset to the School Board

Parents & Friends (P&F)

The P&F is an integral part of the Catholic School structure and is a valuable instrument in the important Church work of education. The P&F fosters community interest in education and promote closer liaison between school and community. Meetings are advertised in the school newsletter. New arrivals are always welcome both to form friendships and share the work load. We depend on the support of parents through this Association to create a caring community and to provide additional amenities for the children.

The P&F's aims are:

  • To strive to develop at the school a real community of parents, teachers and students that reflects a truly Christian ethos
  • To work closely with the school principal who is the leader of the school community to achieve common goals
  • To ensure that a high level of social and educational interaction exists between home and school, parents and teachers
  • To endeavour to have all parents enjoy the exciting experiences of their children's formal school years by active participation and personal involvement in the school programme
  • To provide a healthy forum for ideas and discussion on any relevant issue that will benefit the education of children
  • To assist in planning and organising functions associated with the social, sporting, cultural and educational life of the school community
  • In particular, it should concern itself with further education for the parents of the school in their faith development and ensure that a clear understanding of the School's religious education programme exists
  • To work to provide additional resources which are considered necessary for the children or to assist the teachers in their professional work. Whilst this role has been and will continue to be very important in Catholic Schools, it should not be the only function of the P&F, which should ensure that its activities extend into the above areas as well.

Should you wish to be a member of the P&F, Parents can nominate themselves for membership by November of the current year, for involvement in the following year if elected.

Parent Involvement

Parental help in all classes is always welcome. Parents are invited to participate in class, attend school masses assemblies, assist with excursions and outings and generally become involved with school activities. Areas where help is appreciated include Kindy, Pre-Primary, sport, class excursions, canteen, RAISE Literacy Centres and general class help. Confidentiality is appreciated in participation of all activities.

The partnership of parents and teachers is vital to the achievement of St. Anne's aims. The primary role of the Catholic School is to support parents in the formation of their children's faith.

Parents are involved in the following ways at St. Anne's:

  • As community members - they elect and work on the School Board; they are also the basis of the Parents and Friends Association - which builds up our sense of community and provides so many resources
  • Their voice is heard in policy formation - through surveys and when invited to be on committees, or through general feedback, which is always welcomed
  • Through their communication with their child's teacher, home and school can complement each other in encouraging development of the whole school
  • Our discipline programme is based on parent support, assumes parental support and requires this to be effective
  • They can play a valuable role in the classroom in extending the children's experiences and providing access to adult assistance. The active, developmental style of learning we attempt to provide needs this parental support in areas including; participation in the Early Childhood Centre, English and Maths, Art and Craft, Physical Education, library, canteen, excursions, camps and more.

We appreciate the activites that active parental participation permits the children, and know that it is a rewarding eperience for parents also.

Children benefit greatly from the involvement of parents in classroom activities.