St. Anne's School, Harvey

In Memory of John Walker

St. Anne's Principal 2012 - 2014

John WalkerJohn was a leader, a colleague, a mentor; but more than these he was a friend to all at St. Anne's and one of life's true gentlemen. John's passion for education over a distinguished career in Catholic schools touched the lives of so many people.

John always had the time for any concern or celebration for everyone and always had a chocolate on hand to share. John's smile had the capacity to brighten anyone's day and he made sure every teacher's day started with a personal compliment.

In the children's eyes, John was a big kid who would join in kicking the footy, playing in the sandpit or scream the loudest on the fast boat at camp.

We will miss finding his half filled coffee cups around the school, Twisties on a Friday afternoon, his sense of humour, bright smile and friendly demeanour.

John was a respected leader who saw the best in everyone and had a heart of gold. He encouraged staff and students to always be the best they could be.

Every Monday, John would remind the children of two very important life lessons and I hope this is something they will always remember with a smile. They were encouraged to ask good questions and listen carefully. We are sure the children and staff will continue to make John very proud.

The John Walker Virtues Award

In Mr Walker's honour, the John Walker Virtues Award is presented to a worthy Year 6 recipient. My Walker lived a virtuous life and treated everyone how he would have liked to be treated himself.

The recipient of this award will have demonstrated the virtues of kindness, compassion, loyalty, enthusiasm, helpfulness, respect and courage.