St. Anne's School, Harvey

Vision Statement

St. Anne's is a Catholic Primary School reflecting the teachings of Jesus. It builds upon the multicultural traditions of the local community. Within this environment, students are nurtured to develop individually as creative and responsible learners, with a love of truth, faith and knowledge.


St. Anne's Catholic Primary School strives to engage with each person daily by:

  • Gospel Values - integrating Gospel values through nurturing each person's faith in God so that they can become more like Jesus;

  • Opportunities - providing opportunities for each person to explore and create, empowering them to develop their individual gifts and talents in their pursuit of excellence;

  • Supportive Environment - creating a supportive learning environment in which each person's self-worth is fostered and respected and a sense of responsibility to and empathy for others is developed;

  • Partnerships - supporting parents to be active partners in the ecucation of their children;

  • Encouraging Citizenship - encouraging each person to be confident citizens of a dynamic and just world;

  • Learner Engagement - embracing quality teaching practices and technology to engage each person in meaningful learning.