St. Anne's School, Harvey

School Fees

School fees for children from Kindy to Year 6 for 2017 are:

Tuition Pre-Primary to Year 6 (per child) Total:
First Child $1,100 $1,100
Second Child - 30% Discount $772 $1,872
Third Child - 45% Discount $604 $2,476
Fourth Child or More - Free $2,476

Tuition Kindergarten (per child)
Kindergarten - First Child $544
Kindergarted - Second Child $380
Kindergarten - Third Child $300

Amenities per Year, per child (per child)
Kindergarten - Year 6 $56
Student insurance $13

In addition to the above fees, the following will be charged per family:

Fee item (per family)
P & F Levy $40
School Magazine $32
IT Levy $51
Building Levy $220

The Health Care Card (HCC) Tuition Fee Discount Scheme

The Health Care Card (HCC) Tuition Fee Discount Scheme was introduced in 2005. The aims of introducing this Scheme are twofold;

  • To reduce the financial burden on families with limited financial resources currently in the system;
  • To reduce the financial barrier that prevents Catholic families from accessing a Catholic education.

At the same time it is hoped the process of accessing a fee discount for those in need will be greaty simplified and that a consistent approach applied across the system will increase public awareness of a policy and practice that has long existed in Catholic education.

Holders of a means tested family Health Care Card, or holders of a means tested Pensioner Concession Card are eligible to apply.

Catholic schools will call for eligible HCC holders to present their card and to complete a form. Once this has been done, the discount will be automatically applied. Forms are also available from the school office upon request.

It is also important to note that the underlying principle that financial hardship will not preclude a child from attending a Catholic school does not only apply to eligible Centrelink Card holders.

All families experiencing financial difficulty are entitled to fee assistance according to need and that establishing a policy specifically for HCC holders does not preclude holders of other cards and non-HCC holders of other cards and non-HCC holders from seeking assistance. The principal of the school should be contacted to discuss such matters.