St. Anne's School, Harvey


Enrolment Policy

The school exists to provide a Catholic education, supporting parents in the faith development of their children. In this context, family is of prime importance.

Acceptance of a student will be at the discretion of the Principal, however, the following criteria for selection of students for admission to St Anne's Catholic Primary School will apply:

Preference Criteria

  1. Catholic children within the Harvey Parish
  2. Catholic children from other parishes
  3. Children of other Christian denominations
  4. Non-Catholic children of families already attending St Anne's
  5. Other children

On enrolment of their children at St Anne's, parents are required to:

  1. Present the preference form to the Parish Priest, personally, to fulfil an essential component of the 'application for enrolment' procedure;

  2. Be fully supportive of and desire a full Catholic education for their child;

  3. Support the spiritual and educational programme of the school and be aware that all students are expected to participate in the school's Religious Education Programme and the mandated WS Curriculum;

  4. Pay school fees. In cases of genuine hardship, arrangements may be made by appointment with the principal;

  5. Work co-operatively with and within the school;

  6. Be actively involved in the life of the school;

  7. Ensure that their child attends school in the correct school uniform, maintained in GOOD order, encouraging the development of school community pride and self-discipline.