St. Anne's School, Harvey


The canteen at St. Anne's is run by parents on a voluntary basis and administered by the P and F. Every fortnight, a rostered year group has the responsibility for the food preparations and running of the canteen.

Lunch order forms are sent home to families on Monday and must be returned to the classroom teacher with appropriate payment by Wednesday for ordering and preparation on Thursday.

Term 1, 2017 - Roster and Menu

Date Year Group Menu Item
16th February Year 1 Pastries
2nd March Year 2 Yummy Drummy Rolls
16th March Year 3 Sausage Sizzle
30th March Year 4 Toasted Sandwiches

Term 2, 2017 - Roster and Menu

Date Year Group Menu Item
4th May Year 5 Pastries
18th May Year 6 Pasta
1st June Year 1 Nachos
15th June Year 2 Rolls
29th June Year 3 Pastries

Students are asked to follow these rules when using the canteen.

  • Follow all instructions immediately
  • Be polite and wait your turn
  • Observe marked areas when queuing at the servery
  • Place all rubbish in the bins provided
  • Students are not permitted in the Canteen unless authorised